25 Years In The Making

We are proud to say today marks our 25th birthday as a business. As one of the leading employers in Witham, with a team of 40+ internal staff along with over 400 temporary workers, we provide services to clients throughout East Anglia and beyond. In our new purpose built head office positioned centrally between the local high street, train station and industrial estates, we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings back in 1992.

This time a quarter of a century ago, local Witham girl Robyn Holmes, (née Beaven) decided to start up a business with her friend Margaret Locke which would fill the much-needed gap in industrial recruitment. As anyone who’s familiar with Witham will know, the industrial sector has always formed a core part of our local economy. Our original team was small but dedicated and before long, Prime Appointments had grown from a startup to a profiting business.

The catalyst for growth came a few years later, when a sharp uplift in local manufacturing and a shift in demand from temporary to permanent labour compelled Robyn to make a brave decision: stay safe, or expand? Belief in our team, our service and our mission spurred her on to take the leap. Since then, we’ve continued to grow from strength to strength.

True to our roots, our industrial division is still the largest in our company. However, we also now have 6 other divisions, all populated with experts in their specific fields: Technical & Engineering; Construction; Commercial & Office; Health & Social Care; Accountancy & Finance and last but not least, our newest division, IT & Digital.

Each team is a micro-company of its own, with their own individual personalities. As each division continues to define their trajectories, we remain, at heart, a family-run business, all coming under the same umbrella. Many of our staff have worked with us for the last 15+ years, and we continue to nurture the growth of new staff members.

In much the same way, we are excited to expand on our existing network of clients and candidates out into the wider UK marketplace. However, as we grow, much like our trade mark Prime Appointments tree, our roots will continue to be firmly based in the local community, boosting local businesses, and providing opportunities for as many local people as we can.

To celebrate our success, today sees the start of a week full of celebration, particularly for Robyn who is enormously proud of her business and her team. We have champagne, birthday cake and dress down today; our bi-monthly sales meeting next Tuesday will be adorned with happy memories, fond reminiscing and most importantly – bacon sarnies for all; and finally a BIG family day for all the staff and their families in Mersea on Saturday 19th August. Watch this space for some fun photography…

If you have received our celebration email to win a magnum of champagne, please email your details (full name, company name and the subject line “Celebrate 25 years with Robyn”) to the following: enquiries@prime-appointments.co.uk