Healthcare Management Jobs and Nurse Posts in Essex

Are you looking for healthcare management jobs or nurse posts? We have good news. Our health and social recruitment team have recently expanded, and are now looking for permanent, as well as temporary staff, to fill vacancies across the Essex and Suffolk region.

When you’re looking for a new job, it can be tricky to figure out whether to apply to vacancies directly, or to sign up with a recruitment agency. Many people choose to apply to vacancies directly, if they are advertised on the company website. This route has its benefits. However, it means missing out on the free, expert advice that a recruiter can give you in your job search.

Whether you’re looking for work in healthcare management, nursing, or another area, we believe that the best way forward is with the help of a professional. Still not convinced? Check out our 5 ways in which our permanent health and social team can help you find the best role for you.


  1. We’ll make sure you’re only applying for roles you have a real chance with

Your time is precious, more so than ever when you’re looking for work. A job description can give you a good idea what an employer is looking for, but our recruiters will be able to add a little something extra. Our team have built up a network of clients in residential homes and health care providers across East Anglia over the past 7 years. With this knowledge, they can make sure you’re focussing solely on the jobs you’re right for.


  1. We can point you to roles you might not have considered

Another way our recruiters can help you get the most out of your job-searching time is by directing you to roles you might not have considered before. Recruiters will often have multiple roles that they need to fill, and can tell whether the skills you gained in one particular sector, or role, would be transferable to another. “We can open up opportunities” says Kirsty.


  1. We can help sell you to your potential employer

Before we send your CV over, we’ll always explain to our clients why we think you’d be a good fit for the role. “Clients trust our judgement” says Kirsty, our new permanent health and social care recruiter. “We sell a candidate more than they would perhaps sell themselves, once we’ve got to know them.” We’ll also provide a supporting statement along with your CV, explaining to our client what we think makes you perfect for the role.


  1. We can work around you

Unlike companies who only recruit permanent staff, our temp desk has had the chance to learn how to adapt to our candidates’ needs, as many fit their work in around childcare and study commitments. “Lots of our temps sign up with us because they know we’ll find shifts that fit with their schedules” says Nicola, our experienced temp recruiter. Our experience in temporary recruitment means our health and social team know how to adapt to your needs, and know how to be flexible.


  1. We’ll format your CV for free

Your CV is the first impression prospective employers will get of you, and if there’s anything we know for sure, it’s that first impressions count for a lot! Research shows that we’re wired to form our main opinion of someone within the first few seconds of meeting them. To make sure your CV puts your very best foot forward, our recruiters provide a comprehensive formatting service for free.


Are you looking for permanent healthcare management or nursing jobs? Send your CV to, or give us a ring on 01376 502999.