Expert IT recruitment

Attracting the most sought-after talent in an extremely competitive field takes more than just technical know-how (although our team have that in spades). It’s about connecting with people on an individual level, learning what makes them tick and channelling that knowledge into an ideal partnership. 

Veterans in their field, our IT recruitment team have over a decade’s experience between them and have spent years building up an extensive network of the most in-demand talent for their clients across Essex and Suffolk. For a free consultation on how we can secure the highest calibre candidates for your specific recruitment needs, please get in touch today.

We recruit for:

  • Data/Business Analysts
  • Infrastructure/Engineers
  • IT Managers/Network Support
  • Project/Programme Managers
  • QA Engineers/Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • IT/Software Support
  • Systems/DBA
  • Test/Engineer/Analyst Managers
  • Web Developers

Our specialisms include:

Data/Business Analysts: Knowledge is power and data means knowledge. We hire analysts who know how to harness the insights that will keep you one step ahead of the competition at all times.

Infrastructure: If you want your company to weather changes in the market your digital scaffolding needs to be strong. Our engineers, consultants and more ensure you have the systems in place to succeed. 

IT Managers/Network Support: On the frontline of your organisation’s digital functioning, you need IT people you can rely on. From IT Managers to 1st and 2nd Line Support, we've got you covered.

QA Engineers/Analysts: Quality means quantity, when it comes to product sales. If you want your products to generate unprecedented levels of sales growth, you need excellent engineers.

Developers: To make sure you have the fastest, smoothest, most user-friendly interfaces, we connect you with developers who have the ingenuity and skill to create, innovate and program to perfection.

Why choose us...

Our clients

We take a bespoke, consultative approach to each of our clients, taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of their business’ needs, mission and culture. 

Our candidates

We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes across an incredibly broad range of sectors. Whatever your career goals and interests, we have a role to match everyone’s tastes.

Our IT recruitment consultants will ensure:


Our advertising avenues ensure your roles gain maximum exposure on top job sites, social media & across targeted advertising campaigns.


We will not compromise on quality just to secure a contract. We only hire the talent you're truly searching for, pairing skill & cultural fit.


You'll be a valued partner to our business with one point of contact throughout your recruitment journey, ensuring we're here when you need us.

Client & candidate reviews

“ Ben is one of the very few recruiters I have met who clearly understands how to empathise with the needs of a candidate. He took what can be a daunting process and put himself on the frontline to match the candidate to the right company and not the other way around. Ben clearly understands that 'No news' is still news to a perspective candidate and continually kept me updated on all aspects of our discussions. I'm impressed with the unwavering professionalism and enthusiasm displayed throughout our journey together and I can't recommend him enough. Thanks Ben! ”

Pete Togneri

“ What a breath of fresh air Ben is. Professional yet friendly, ensures you know what he is saying yet courteous, returns calls and emails when promised and clearly knows his client and his own job. Ben, its been a pleasure having you help find a role for me and I can highly recommend you to others. ”

Nigel Seed

“ Ben clearly communicated with me throughout the entire process of applying for an IT based role, of which I ended up being given an offer by the organisation. He was quick and professional in all of his correspondence and made me aware of all developments in the process as soon as they happened. Very rarely does it feel like a recruiter is truly transparent and supportive of their client however this was what Ben brought to the table every time I engaged with him. Highly recommended to anyone looking for their next role. ”

Jack Baldry

“ Ben has been a brilliant, friendly and honest recruiter who reached out to me on a Wednesday, and had me hired into a new job on the Friday. If you're looking for a job, Ben is your guy! ”

Tom White

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