Challenge accepted, challenge complete.

On the 17th of October 2020, 10 of our team took to the skies at Beccles airfield, Norwich. For our first ever challenge event. Our team ranging from 22-65 years old courageously met the challenge head on, facing their fears and completing the 13,000ft (2.4mile) high leap of faith for Alzheimers Society. 

Together this courageous team along with the support of our local community, clients, family and friends have raised an incredible £15,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society and counting, far surpassing their collective target of £4,000. 

But we haven't finished yet, we're on a mission to raise £100,000. Help us, help others by donating today. 

Peter Holmes faces his fear

When it comes to facing your fears it really doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, they’re just as frightening. Peter found himself face to face with his fear of heights during our charity sky dive this October. We couldn't be prouder of Peter and all of our team for completing the challenge. 

"I have watched the deterioration of my loved ones through the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease, I have watched my loved ones slowly forget who I am. But I don't forget them, I cant forget who they once were. We will continue to push our own boundaries to drum up support, awareness and funds. Thank you to everyone who supported me, this leap of fear, now seems so small to the fear I have of getting dementia, I truly hope my part to play makes some difference." Director, Peter Holmes. 

Proud fundraisers for Alzheimer's Society

Together we can beat dementia.


What a journey so far...

We are now three years in to our official lifetime partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society and how the time has flown by. 2019 got us off to amazing start on our fundraising journey. We raised over £12k in 12 hours for our Golf Day, over £1k for Elf Day, over £1k for our first Memory Walk and so much more. Now, in 2020 we have surpassed all expectations and raised an incredible £15,000 in one event! With Covid-19 putting the breaks on so many plans we are overjoyed that are sky dive challenge gained so much support form the local community! Here's to next year and our next event.

Where it all began...

People sometimes ask us why we chose Alzheimer’s Society. The reason is for Margaret Locke. Our co-founder, one-half of the dynamic power duo without whom none of this would be here, we’re doing this for her. At just 51, Margaret was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it has been a real tragedy for everyone close to her to watch as this condition has progressed. A vibrant, passionate, fiercely intelligent woman, Margaret’s drive is what has got us here. With her passion for people and her creative vision, she is an amazing individual who we consider ourselves privileged to call not just business partner, but our dear friend.This friendship is the driving force behind our determination to create a world less affected by and, ultimately, free from Alzheimer’s, for Margaret and for millions of others around the world.

Our mission

"As we steadily climb towards our 30th year in business we recognise the importance of supporting our employees, our local community and beyond. As an SME we can not take the same steps as larger corporate giants, but we aim to make the best contribution we can to promoting change and supporting others." 

Robyn Holmes: Managing Director

Events so far…

Elf Day!

2018 marked our first fundraising event as official partners with Alzheimer’s Society. We decided to aim for £250. So, we were surprised when we managed to raise over £6,000 with our Elf Raffle! It was an amazing day.

Cake with a cause!

On 13th of June, we dusted off our whisks and got our rolling pins out for Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day! As part of our initiative to raise £10k for our chosen Charity of the Year, we went all-out, hosting an in-house company bake-off.

Golf day!

The 14th of June saw our first ever Golf Day! With a round of golf, luxury prizes and one very competitive auction we raised an incredible £12k. Blown over by the generosity of our clients & friends, our first Golf Day certainly won’t be our last!

Memory walk!

On the 29th of September we all put our best feet forward for our Memory Walk. From regular hiking enthusiasts to the not-so-outdoorsy members of our team, we took part to help fund the vital research into beating dementia.

Dress down for a £1!

Look after the pennies and the pounds will keep rolling in! To keep the pennies rolling in, we host a dress-down Friday at the end of every month. Every little donation brings us one step closer to hitting our target which we plan to smash!

Sky Dive

On the 17th of October 2020, 10 of our team ranging from 22-65 jumped over 13,000ft for Alzheimer's Society. Our first challenge event was a great success, raising the biggest total for a single event in Primes History.

Find out more about our latest event.

Challenge accepted, challenge complete!

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