Prime Appointments raise over £15,000 for Alzheimer’s Society!

On Saturday the 17th of October 10 of the Prime Appointments team took to the Skies in the companies first ever charity sky dive. The sky diving team ranged from 22 to 65, with Directors Peter Holmes and Chris van Aalst pledging their support and signing up to dive. Together this courageous team have raised an incredible £15,336 for the Alzheimer’s Society and counting! Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us reach this incredible Total.

Watch Director Peter Holmes take the leap

Peter faces his fear for his family, friends & Prime Appointments

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Falling never felt so good!

After months of anticipation and fear of the dreaded day our team came together and achieved something we never thought we could. Not only did we surpass all our expectations and raise an incredible amount. Our team dare we say it... Actually enjoyed themselves. This was a difficult challenge for our team because they truly were facing a fear! Watch Katie's jump here >

This challenge was the first of many to come and we hope that by promoting our cause and talking more about the devastating effects of dementia, awareness will spread and people will understand more about the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease on both the person and the friends and family that are left behind. 

Proud fundraisers for Alzheimer's Society

Together we can beat dementia.

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